Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tower of Power: 

The new JBL Eon One All -in-One Linear Array PA System

Kelly is shown to give scale. Thanks Kelly!

This year JBL Professional unveiled a cool new column type PA system by HARMAN.
It looks like the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey and is pretty tricked out. So, what I like about this is that is has a real sub-woofer. The other brands that have put something on the market prior to this didn't really have the low-end bass response that the Eon One has.

The column is made of two extensions and a section that holds (6) 2-inch speakers pointed at different angles to ensure great sound coverage. You can put all the sections on for complete long range, wide dispersion or just put the speaker section on for more intimate engagements.

6 Channel inputs give you any and every configuration you need. 
Plus, the Bluetooth is great! We synced our iPhone up to it and played some music 
without any weird interruptions or anything. 
It doesn't have any Mid Control which can be nice to have but this PA doesn't really need it. 
You may want to have a D.I. box if you simply must have mid-sweeps available.
The acoustics on this are so crisp and clear even at full blast volume. 
And believe me, we tried it!

So this PA wraps up into a nice little package. I love good design and this is it.
A latched handle covers the control panel. At first I thought it might not be as durable and strong as it was but it proved me wrong. It's quite sturdy and could withstand years of use.

When you're all done with your gig, you can simply take the 3 column pieces apart and store them in the back! Ingenious! Flip the top over and latch it in place and ...

... you're on your way!  This JBL Eon One Portable PA System is probably the best and coolest I've seen. Perfect for the gigging musician who needs reliable sound at every show in a tight, user-friendly package. Stop on in and test drive it today.

EON ONE Specifications:

Speaker and Amplifier:

Unobstructed 10" woofer with 6x 2" Drivers
Max SPL Output: 118 dB (peak)
Class D amplifier: 250W LF + 130W HF = 380W of pure power!

6 Channel Mixer: 
Channel 1-2 with bass, treble, reverb, mic/line selector, and combo 1/4" phone and XLR input Channel 3/4 with 1/4" balanced TRS jacks (stereo) or pair of RCA jacks (stereo)
Channel 5/6 with 1/8” (3.5mm) input jack for portable electronics, or Bluetooth audio streaming Stereo monitor outputs

Weight:40.8 lbs (18.5kg)

Click on this link to go to the JBL website to look at a Hipster Model with Hipster Model Haircut.