Friday, September 25, 2015

So, this is a good a time as any to let you know that we will be having a 
MARTIN Guitar Experience Event here at PMC Broadway.

We will be joined by Martin's Custome Shop Administrator, Emily Meixell and she will have a lot of COOL Custom Martins for you to play and drool over. This is a little different than other Martin events we've had because we're concentrating on the custom shop guitars. 

A lot of people want their perfect, dream guitar but don't realize that it's actually feasable to do so.
If you're looking at higher end Martins, heck, even 28's and 35's, you may be able to spend slightly more and get EXACTLY what you've always wanted. 

Check this beautiful guitar out: This is an Custom OM model with Adirondack Spruce top, absolutely knock-out awesome Cocobolo back and sides with Flamed Mahogany binding and back wedge.


 The neck is also 100% Flamed Mahagony, adding subtle beauty to the most 
under-looked, utilitarian piece of the guitar.

 The Flamed Mahogany also trims out the guitar wonderfully.

Yes, you're right. That is one amazing guitar. When we had guitar virtuoso Shawn Hopper here to play at our last Clinic, he was astounded at not only the playability and beauty of it, the TONE was unbelievable! Now, here's a guy who travels all over the place and plays a lot of different guitars and this one blew him away. 

That's what Martin can do. Martin has been exceeding expectations since 1833. I'm glad to say that this guitar has found a loving home and no, I won't give you the name and number of who bought so you can go check it out. BUT - just know that these kind of things can come true if you want it. What are your dreams? What would you absolutely love? 

Come to our Martin Experience Event 
Thursday, October 29th, 2015 at 7:00 PM 
and share your ideas and together we can make it happen.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Taylor K26ce -

You know, Taylor Guitars makes some pretty sexy guitars. This K26ce we just got in is a good example as you can see.
The Grand Symphony sized body really lends itself to the Koa tonewood, adding bass and roundness to an otherwise clear mid-range. It rings like a bell when you want it and cuddles you with warm bass when you need it to.

 The grain! Oh My! The grain of this Koa is crazy beautiful and Taylors' shaded burst really accentuates the variety of warm syrupy colors.
The detail in the purfling and fretboard inlay is immaculate. I love the whimsical, vine inlay they have on these Koa series.
It's such a sleek and sexy machine and plays so unbelievably well, given Taylor Guitars expertly carved neck profile. 

Come on in and check this one out. It's such a beautiful instrument, crafted by one of America's leading guitar Manufacturers. The Taylor K26ce should be in your music life if you like big, sexy, bold statements and a clean, clear, even guitar tone.